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MLL is one of the leading providers of interpretation and translation services in the United States.

We also offer cultural competency training to government and social services agencies, hospitals, schools and other organizations

Are you worried about LIABILITY? MLL has your back!

We carry a full Professional Liability Insurance to cover all of our interpretation and translation work as well as other professional activities in which we are involved.

Contact our office at 1.800.679.9217 if you would like to learn more about our Liability Insurance or have any other question about our services.

To insure quality of our services, our interpreters are tested for the ability to speak English & Source Languages.

We would like to add your energy to ours! Join our team in New Hampshire, Baltimore MD or Phoenix AZ. Careers@MultiLingualLinks.com

Healthcare Solutions

In the Healthcare field, nothing is more critical to doctor-patient relationship than being able to communicate effectively. MLL serves the cross-cultural communication needs of hospitals, clinics, private practices, government health departments and other organizations in the broadly defined healthcare field to meet their diverse cross-cultural communication objectives. Our professionals are trained in medical terminology, language, cross-cultural communication and cultural requirements to meet the unique needs of our institution.

We provide:
    • On-site Translation in hospitals in New Hampshire, Phoenix Arizona and in the Greater Washing Area
    • We translate patient forms including but not limited to: HIPAA Statements,, Consent to release confidential information, discharge instructions,  authorization to bill insurance, and more
    • We also translate flyers and other out-reach material for public health agencies as well as private organizations
    • We also provide cultural competency training for healthcare employees
    • We train Medical Interpreters

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